Presentations Galore

It’s that time of year again…when kids’ activities culminate in a show-off of what they have learned!  This is just the beginning for the Michael family…the end of our week included:

stay tuned for some gymnastics & cheerleading thrown in as well!


Good bye, e-media

166 invitations

As I drove down the road to worship, I was watching a YouTube clip that was embedded on a friend’s social networking page which notified me by SMS so I could open the Facebook app on my iPhone.  Isn’t it great to keep in touch?  The problem is, I can’t tell you what the video was about or who the friend was.

That morning our Pastor shared two individual thoughts:  a reflection on a time when he avoided all advertising for a few days, and a call to devotion as we approach the traditional Lent period leading up to Easter.  My mind combined the two and I began to contemplate what 40 days without media would look like.

There is an expectation that my employer can still get a hold of me, so I can’t get off the grid completely.  That aside, beginning tonight I am “unplugging” whatever e-media I can.  On the chopping block are internet, TV, and the iPhone.  I will put my AT&T simcard into a no-frills phone.  I will check work email, but leave forwards and any entertainment-related emails unopened.

I understand the irony that I did a Google Search to find an image to put into this post on our family blog, which will be pulled into my Facebook profile (some extensive use of technology to announce I am cutting it all out).   In the meantime, I’m unplugged and will be rediscovering reading and maybe some new hobbies too.  At the prompting of a friend I will keep a journal of the good, bad, and ugly (using real paper!)  See you on Facebook after Easter Sunday…maybe…

If you need me, let’s talk…in real life.