Lost my Winter Coat

Alan had a beard; Jamie started nicely asking when he would shave once the New Year came around.  Alan’s face is cold.



Fifteen years ago, a college freshman girl took a “friend” home for Thanksgiving because he had no where to go.  Three years later they were married.  It’s 2009, and we’re still making the trek to Sulphur Springs, with children of our own.

Playing around.

Lounging (left: Adam & Maigan; right: lazy dog Brownie)

Happy Thanksgiving!  And just for fun, because no day is complete without a tumbling pass:

First Day of School 2009

Ok, it’s that time for obligatory pictures of kids and teachers!  Much has changed since The First Day of School last year.  Here are side-by-side comparisons!

mac LCS 2008-2009

libs LCS 2008-2009
ash LCS 2008-2009

Family Portraits

Ed Brock and I had a running joke.  We could guarantee rain by scheduling a time for outdoor pictures.  Our first scheduled date, 6/11/09, was the date of the Flower Mound tornado.  The second time was rained out, too.

As Jamie reported in her facebook status, on July 16 we overcame tears over ants, 100 degree temps, Ashton’s sick tummy, and in-coming storms (again!)

A few items of trivia:

  • Official high temperature for Highland Village on 7/16/09 was 102°
  • Our photographer, Ed Brock, once won the coveted Golden Egg by the DSVC for his work in commercial design.  Stan Richards writes about Ed in his book (find an excerpt here)
  • He used a Canham field camera and a Horizon panoramic camera (read: not digital)
  • We were a stone’s throw from Super Walmart
  • Our photographer is legally blind


Every once in a while something strange crosses your path.  For example, some people get the feeling of déjà vu, the feeling you have experienced a place or situation before.  But usually there is nothing concrete to actually base that on, just a feeling.

But what if something tangible, authentic, and 300 years old gives you that weird sensation?

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Scattered Update: Mommy

This week the Michael family is scattered in three places.  Jamie is at a conference in Florida.

The conference is very interesting.

All smiles now!

1st Grade Newbies

Suffering for the cause!


There is a comfort in having all your chicks in the nest.  This week feels scattered.

Mac is staying with a friend as they both take part in Kids Summer Praise, a week-long musical camp at First McKinney.  This is a first for her (more than 2 nights away from family!)

Jamie is out with her 1st grade team from Liberty.  They are traveling all the way to Pensacola, FL for a curriculum training conference.  Nothing like 2 days in the car to speed up getting to know each other!

Dad is at home with the other two for the week.

Be in prayer…for the dynamic that concerns you the most!

Working at school

So we’ve been working on my classroom and thought I’d stick a quick pic of the reading center we’ve created.  The kinder and 1st grade teachers are off to Florida in about a week for a conference…I have a feeling there’s not much play time going on after that!

Remember 2006?

Waiting for Santa (2006)

Around this time last year, we cut our teeth on this whole blogging thing with a Christmas blog.  Click to revisit all of last year’s holiday memories: