Mac turns 10

The pictures tell the story here.  Friends, movie, gifts, Six Flags!



This is the first year we have ever taken our girls out in costumes for candy.  They loved it!

Update: Baby Bunnies

A friend’s dog found a nest of baby bunnies.

We read that wild buns raised in captivity rarely survive.  Unfortunately we experienced that first hand, as Sweetie and Carrot only made it 5 days.

Boingo, however, made the transition from “milk” (KRM) to solid foods.  By Day 6, during an excursion out to the back yard, Boingo hopped thru a gap in the fence to our neighbor’s yard.  By Day 7, it was clear that the bunny was aware he didn’t belong with us, or in his box home!  So, today was Release Day.  We brought Boingo back to the friend’s house where lots of grown bunnies reside in the briars.

Release of Boingo

Release of Boingo

Boingo ventures out

Boingo ventures out

For a week there I felt like a father of three babies all over again.  I think we’ll stick to one pet in the future.

Baby Bunnies

bun bun


OK, quick disclaimer to you nature lovers:  we have a friend on a few acres in Flower Mound.  He has a guidedog and an outside cat.  His animals have discovered nests of bunnies several times; he says the buns are “popcorn” to them.  Zero survival rate.  With that said…

bun bun feeding


The friend’s dog found a nest of baby bunnies.  Fortunately the man was able to rescue the babies before above-mentioned fate.  He called and asked if we were available to care for these bun buns until they are weaned and old enough to survive on their own.  Our girls didn’t take long to adopt Sweetie, Carrot, and Boingo.

bun bun


I have read that ideally, if you find “orphaned” bunnies, they are likely not orpaned; the mother will come back at night to feed them.  Don’t remove them, saith Google.



Just to bring you up to speed…

Years ago we felt compelled to make a change in our lives and put ourselves through the “years of suck yuck” to enter into debt-free living (thank you Dave Ramsey). In the spring of 2005 we felt it was time for action. We were saddled with debt and barely meeting our obligations. But Alan was already working 50 hours a week and Jamie was at home caring for our 2, 3, and 4 year old girls. What could we do?

We prayed about our situation and felt we should cut back. After all, it would be easier to make sacrifices now while the girls were young…we moved into a 1200 sq ft duplex, cut back on extras, even pulled the girls out of activities. Looking back, it seems it went quickly…but remembering back, it was not fun (hence the naming of our Years).

Freeing up that money helped us start a debt snowball. At the end of two years we were able to payoff over $25,000 in consumer debt. No credit cards, no car payments! We leased a home with more space and were able to (cautiously) resume activities (e.g. gymnastics and piano). But this time, we lived on a budget, below our means.

All this freed us to take our next step…which we could never have done three years ago (the banks would have just laughed at us)…

We found a house!

We made some changes in our lives and then felt the Lord calling us to a new church. And now…

We have found a new home to purchase in Lantana! The story is great, and it builds our faith to see the Lord work out all the details. Through a funny set of circumstances, our agent negotiated an offer for this house on our behalf, and we signed on an offer that was a steal! We close the end of February.  Here are some pictures below…with someone else’s furniture still in it, but you get the idea.