Mac turns 10

The pictures tell the story here.  Friends, movie, gifts, Six Flags!


Happy Birthday Mac!

Two sisters & four friends

Two sisters & four friends

Mac turns eight tomorrow, and her celebration of choice was having friends over for swimming & a spend the night party.  We also fit in decorating our own pillow cases, free play, presents, cake…it’s been fun (of course, we haven’t started the spend the night part yet!)

And lastly, some fun with slow-mo synchronized diving:

Happy Birthday Libbie!

Libbie is six

Libbie turned six on Thursday.  After much discussion, Libbie’s decision was to play it safe and have a family birthday party, which consisted of lunch of her choice and family ice skating!

Birthday dessert

Based on previous ice excursions with the older two, Alan’s prediction was approximately 8 minutes before the first girl was done.  How wrong I was!  We had to peel them all off the ice after over an hour (it was the parents whose tired feet were begging to quit).  Of course, Libbie the Body Smart took to the ice very naturally…

Libbie on ice

…but the other two were not far behind…

Jamie and McKenna on ice

Ashton on ice