Another First

Liberty begins offering girls basketball at 3rd grade.  Mac decided to give it a try!  Here are a few pics from the first half of the season.


…you’re going down…

…wait for it…about 0:16…turn up your volume!

Two years late, the Michaels have discovered Wii.  And boxing.


This is the first year we have ever taken our girls out in costumes for candy.  They loved it!

The Digital Conversion is Coming

Texas State Fair

While I (Jamie) was at school all day meeting with all the parents in my class, Alan took the girls to the State Fair.  Of course, they had a blast! (I’m not even going to ask him how much it all cost!!!)



Every once in a while something strange crosses your path.  For example, some people get the feeling of déjà vu, the feeling you have experienced a place or situation before.  But usually there is nothing concrete to actually base that on, just a feeling.

But what if something tangible, authentic, and 300 years old gives you that weird sensation?

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Happy Birthday Mac!

Two sisters & four friends

Two sisters & four friends

Mac turns eight tomorrow, and her celebration of choice was having friends over for swimming & a spend the night party.  We also fit in decorating our own pillow cases, free play, presents, cake…it’s been fun (of course, we haven’t started the spend the night part yet!)

And lastly, some fun with slow-mo synchronized diving:

Update: Baby Bunnies

A friend’s dog found a nest of baby bunnies.

We read that wild buns raised in captivity rarely survive.  Unfortunately we experienced that first hand, as Sweetie and Carrot only made it 5 days.

Boingo, however, made the transition from “milk” (KRM) to solid foods.  By Day 6, during an excursion out to the back yard, Boingo hopped thru a gap in the fence to our neighbor’s yard.  By Day 7, it was clear that the bunny was aware he didn’t belong with us, or in his box home!  So, today was Release Day.  We brought Boingo back to the friend’s house where lots of grown bunnies reside in the briars.

Release of Boingo

Release of Boingo

Boingo ventures out

Boingo ventures out

For a week there I felt like a father of three babies all over again.  I think we’ll stick to one pet in the future.

Scattered Update: Libs & Ash

This week the Michael family is scattered in three places.

The two younger girls are enjoying a rare “week with Daddy.”

Daddy does hair

Going Bonkers…no, Daddy is doing fine; that’s the name of the place!

A little food coloring, salt, baking soda & vinegar = fun mixtures!

Scattered Update: Mommy

This week the Michael family is scattered in three places.  Jamie is at a conference in Florida.

The conference is very interesting.

All smiles now!

1st Grade Newbies

Suffering for the cause!

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