LCS Homecoming Week!

This week at Liberty has been Homecoming Week…the Homecoming Football Game will be tonight, and I’m sure it will be lots of fun!

Each day was a different theme.  Since we wear uniforms to school, this was a ton of fun!

Monday was Camo-Day.  This is the girls and me before school – thank you Phil Herr for the original camo outfit!  (even though the girls have on pink tops, they all had on camo pants or skirt)

This my first grade class on Camo-Day.

Tuesday was Decade Day.  The Michael family chose to dress in 50’s attire.

Wednesday was the day the girls went to the Fair with Daddy…and I stayed at school and had 18 parent conferences (I wasn’t at all jealous!!)

Thursday was Class Color Day.  Kindergarten is yellow…First Grade is Pink…Third Grade is blue.

This is my first grade class all in pink…in front of the school.

Friday is Navy-Gray Day (our school colors).  This is my first grade class. (I can’t help thinking that I could be a really great teacher if I got to dress like this each day!)

We’ll add more pics as soon as I can get them converted!!!

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