School begins

I have meant to post all week…but I have just been exhausted!  This week we all started back to school.  We have been very spoiled in the past to attend a University Model School where we schooled on-campus 3 days a week and schooled at home 2 days a week…giving us every other day to recouperate and recollect.  At LCS, we are schooling 5 days a week – and this is new for us all!  I haven’t taught full-time for 8 years…and my body doesn’t have the stamina it had when I was 21!

Anyway, we’ve all had a great week.  I am so thankful for Godly teachers who love on and teach my girls every day…and I’m so thankful for a school where we can learn about the Lord and make Him our priority!

Here are a few 1st day pics:                    


  Ashton and Mrs. McCallum


Libbie and Mrs. Morris


McKenna and Mrs. Grigg


Michael Girls


Mrs. Michael’s 1st Grade


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  1. August 24, 2009 at 10:29 am

    […] Ok, it’s that time for obligatory pictures of kids and teachers!  Much has changed since The First Day of School last year.  Here are side-by-side […]

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