Not so important…

I was about to sit down and post about the Family Retreat we just went to…and about school getting ready to start, about Libbie’s new glasses, etc…

But I just found out that our previous pastor – Dr. Jeff Warren @ FBC McKinney – that his sweet wife, Stacey, has been diagnosed with cancer. They are just incredible people…they have 3 children and have served with such integrity at First McKinney for years.  They have meant more than they could ever know to us…my heart is just so heavy for them.

Anyway… all that other stuff just didn’t seem important enough to write about.

So, instead of reading another blog entry and looking at pics…I ask you to take a few minutes and lift up this incredible family.

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  1. adeffenbaugh said,

    August 18, 2008 at 9:10 am

    Will do, Jaime. Sorry to hear of this…it does weigh heavy on a heart, especially when it is a dear friend. I will pray for strength, increasing faith as well as peace. Let’s hope it is as positive an outcome as April has had!! God does work miracles!!!!

    Hang in there and call if you need me…

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