Baby Bunnies

bun bun


OK, quick disclaimer to you nature lovers:  we have a friend on a few acres in Flower Mound.  He has a guidedog and an outside cat.  His animals have discovered nests of bunnies several times; he says the buns are “popcorn” to them.  Zero survival rate.  With that said…

bun bun feeding


The friend’s dog found a nest of baby bunnies.  Fortunately the man was able to rescue the babies before above-mentioned fate.  He called and asked if we were available to care for these bun buns until they are weaned and old enough to survive on their own.  Our girls didn’t take long to adopt Sweetie, Carrot, and Boingo.

bun bun


I have read that ideally, if you find “orphaned” bunnies, they are likely not orpaned; the mother will come back at night to feed them.  Don’t remove them, saith Google.


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