Vacation rewind…

So we never quite got back to those posts about vacation…somehow ‘life’ took over and we got sidetracked.  As I was going through old pics on my phone, I found several from vacation and thought I’d post them.  You know…this whole blog-thing is great for keeping in touch with friends and family far away, but I think it is even more beneficial for my documenting as the girls are growing up!

McKenna reading while we wait for our flight at the airport (for 8 hours!)

Alan and Ashton on the plane.

That is a sea lion laying on a boat!  We took a boat-tour and saw lots of these big guys.

It was cold in CA in May!  We all had to wear sweaters and jackets

(obviously, pink is a ‘staple’ color at our house).

Ashton is watching for our plane…not realizing how long the wait would be!

Alan and Libbie at lunch.

On the Sky Tram for the humpteenth time…as our flight kept changing terminals.


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