Classroom Decor!

Ok…for all of you who are crafty and creative – I need your help!  Starting this fall, I am back in the classroom, full-time…yikes!  I haven’t taught full-time since before I had McKenna.  So this is going to be a definite change for our family.  However, all of my girls will be in school (that sounds crazy!) so we’ll all be there together.

Anyway, I have some MAJOR decorating to do!  The teachers at Liberty have set the bar really high, as far as the appearance and appeal of their rooms.  I have decided to go with a ‘Tree house’ theme in my room.  We have a set of bunk beds (we are using without the mattresses) that we painted brown and stained…they are put together in the corner to make a reading area…it looks sort of tree house-ish.  The bottom under the bunks is left open, so the kids can go under to read.

But the rest of my room really needs some decor!

If you have any bright ideas or see something cute that would fit with the theme..send it my way!

I’ll post a few pics later tonight of what we’ve done so far.

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