Vacation Adventure Day 1

Today is the first day of Family Vacation 2008. Among today’s adventures: this is the first time the girls will board an airplane!

We thought we would make this easy by getting all the details together ahead of time. Last night, Daddy looked up all the information to make our departure simple.

No such luck! First the flight was leaving from terminal A. If you have been to DFW Airport, you know walking to one end of a single terminal can take 10 minutes; going between (detached) terminals involves a shuttle to get to the next big building.

DFW airport map
By mid-morning, our flight had changed to Terminal B. Hours before, changed again to Terminal C. We arrived about this time and sat down for lunch. Before lunch was over (1:15pm), the flight moved again to Terminal D…get on the SkyTrain, find the gate.

Mommy and Ash at dinner
By the time we finally locate the plane, a confidence-breaking announcement comes through the air: our flight will now be delayed as mechanics work on the hydraulic system (I think Mommy missed that one, to the betterment of all of us). As we sit here (3:30pm) questioning our parenting judgement, the next word: our plane is dead. The crew is working on finding another plane to get us to our destination.

Break out the DVD\'s and coloring books
The DVD’s and coloring books came flying out as we set up camp in Terminal D.

Mommy and Libs have been waiting too long
San Diego seems further away than ever…


on the plane...Mommy and Libs still waiting...
…in a plane…but no take off yet. This aircraft has mechanics onboard working on the “air conditioning pack”. Because of its “status”, the stewardess informs us we will need to fly at a lower altitude, which will require more fuel. This would be a good time to mention that I am in FULL FAVOR of federal funding for the airline industry…especially if that means that a certain airline can get some updated equipment!!


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  1. wasamuel said,

    May 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Oh lovely!!! I fly out to CA tomorrow – heading to Napa Valley! We’re going sans kids, so I’m SURE our flight plans will flow perfectly… 🙂 Isn’t that just the way things go?

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