So sick…

A big THANK YOU to Roma Morgan who kept my girls in a pinch.  I was sick – really, really sick – for about 24 hours when she kept my girls… while Alan got me to an after-hours doctor for some help.  Thank you, God, for Zofran and Phenagryn (sp?) and IVs!  I felt so much better and slept really well last night.

THANK YOU, Karin…who kept McKenna all day Tuesday.

THANK YOU, Alan…who came home from work, took the girls to McKinney for gymnastics, picked up McKenna, dropped them off at Roma’s, took me to the doctor, picked up prescriptions, and got the girls at the early hour of 6:45 a.m (You know, most of the world does go to school on weekdays – including the Morgans!).

You forget how thankful you should be to be well…until you’re not.  Thank you, Lord, for good health…good friends…and a great hubby!


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