On the move…

We finally closed on our new house in Lantana yesterday! Thankfully, we have movers coming to pack everything on Friday and move it all on Saturday. We are excited to no longer be commuting to work/church 2 hours round-trip each day.

We have had some interesting changes around here lately, as well. Due to some circumstances at our school, coupled with our move, the girls and I are no longer attending/teaching at our school, CCA. My mom has always said, “Never say never!”…well…I’ve said many times that I will ‘never’ homeschool! However, with lots of things to take into consideration, I am now homeschooling 3 little girls…just through this semester, though. With the school we were attending, I had all of their curriculum, and we aren’t able to get into the school that we are looking at attending until the fall.

The Lord has really just worked out all of the details for our new school. It’s a private, Christian school called Liberty Christian Academy. On our minister’s salary..:)…we can’t afford private school unless I teach there to balance out the cost of tuition. However, would you believe that LCA has a first grade teacher opening in the fall – which I’ve taught for the past several years – and they use the exact same curriculum that I’ve taught from at CCA! I’ve had a teacher interview and we’ve had our family interview…it looks like a pretty sure thing. And, the school is only 5 minutes from our new house!

So…for right now…I’m really trying to look at this time of homeschooling as a time that I most likely won’t have again with the girls and to make the most of our time together. It’s been good these last few weeks…I’m looking forward to moving and getting into a set routine and system.


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  1. wasamuel said,

    March 10, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    Where is Liberty? I think my niece and nephew go there.

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