We’re back!

I know, I know, I know…I am WAY past due for a post!  I am so sorry!  It has just seemed incredibly busy and I have had no energy for one more thing at the end of the day.

Anyway…All is well!  We survived Christmas and had a wonderful, relaxing break.  We’re back in school – full force – and we’re praying about what to do in the fall.  Alan has started his new job as Executive Pastor at Rock Pointe Church in Flower Mound.  He is really enjoying what he is doing! 

We are currently still in our house in McKinney – which means he is driving back and forth every day.  We are in the process of looking for a house in/around Flower Mound – but not in too big of a rush, as the girls and I will have to drive to McKinney to finish school this semester.  Our options for school next fall have not been numerous…we’re just really researching and praying that the Lord will bring us the right school model. 

Church is new for all of us!  The girls have done a great job adjusting and being excited about their new teachers and friends.  Although very timid and unsure at first…I don’t think any of us Michael girls are great at major transitions!  The church has been very welcoming and kind – making it all much easier!

We took Libbie back to Dr. Newberry to see if her vision had improved with the use of the glasses.  Her right eye did show some improvement (I believe she went from being 20/60 to 20/40-50).  So….the next step was to dilate her left eye (the good eye) for 6 weeks – which would disable that eye from focusing, causing her right eye (not-so-good eye) to do most of the seeing.  However – after about a week of doing the drops – we have noticed a huge change in her behavior and a true lack of self-control…to the point of not functioning well at school, being out of control, unfocused, etc…So, I called Dr. Newberry and he said to stop the drops immediately!  That the drops were causing the change in behavior!  So glad I called…we’re now going to focus on doing Patch Therapy.  She’ll have to wear an eye patch over her left eye as much as possible.  He said it was ok not to wear it to school – as we’re only on-campus 3 days a week.  We’ll see him again in 6 weeks to see if we’ve made further progress. 

I promise to do better and will post regularly! 


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