Libbie to the eye doctor…

This past Thanksgiving we took some pictures, and thought Libbie’s right eye looked a little different as Alan was playing with it on the computer and taking the red-eye out. We also noticed, as mentioned in a past post, that Libbie cannot cross her right eye. So, feeling like a very overprotective and silly mommy – b/c she had no apparent trouble actually seeing, I scheduled an appointment for her to see Dr. Newberry. He and his staff were absolutely wonderful – I highly recommend them. AND….Would you believe that we found out that Libbie practically does not see out of her right eye!?

He said she has a condition called amblyopia…Amblyopia is the medical term used when the vision in one of the eyes is reduced because the eye and the brain are not working together properly. The eye itself looks normal, but it is not being used normally because the brain is favoring the other eye.” We ordered glasses that have a special lense in them, and we’ll check back in about 6 weeks and see if the brain has re-learned to use that eye. If not, there are some other options we can explore.

However, NEVER has she complained that she has a hard time seeing, that her head hurts, or anything like that. She has also passed all routine vision screenings she has had…at school and at the pediatrician’s office. I would encourage you to have your child’s eyes examined by an optometrist on a yearly basis…just as we take our children in for a yearly well-check with our doctor. We would have never known otherwise.

If you take her right eye – on a scale from ‘0’ being wonderful vision and 8 being the worst it can be – her eye is at almost a ‘6’. So…you should be seeing Ms. Libbie is some new glasses in the next few days! Here’s a pic of the frames she chose.

libbie glasses


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  1. wasamuel said,

    December 7, 2007 at 9:25 am

    I highly recommend that all children get evaluated by an ophthalmologist at some point. All the kids have gone to see Dr. Stager to have their first evaluation before moving on to a regular optometrist. That’s how we found Gracie’s Strabismus. Wouldn’t have known otherwise. And wouldn’t have even thought to start with an ophthalmologist. Turns out Sydney has a touch of it as well. I’m watching my cousin’s daughter’s eyes right now to see if I need to mention it to her at some point. Her eyes are doing what Gracie’s did and I didn’t even really notice until she was 3! People ask me, “how did you know?” and really we didn’t. It all come about very suddenly and if it’s slight it’s really hard to notice.

    Oh, and hope you don’t have too many episodes of “house destruction” looking for them on your way out the door somewhere… 🙂

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