How much more?

So I picked up Libs and Ash from school this afternoon – Mac stayed home after being so sick – and after we got home, Ash decided she didn’t feel so well.  It started all over again.  She began getting sick, so we decided she would stay downstairs and I’d stay in the living room with her.  Thankfully, she was only getting sick about once an hour.  I began to feel really yucky and finally lay down on the couch without feeling nauseous when I hear, “Mommy!” from upstairs.  I go up to find Libs sitting up, saying she got sick in the bathroom.  I went in to verify, and I can’t even explain the mess I found.  Needless to say, with my not-so-solid stomach, I shut the door and will go back to take care of it in the morning!  So now I have a girl on each couch and trash cans in between…willing myself not to get sick in the midst of them.  It’s nights like this where I have to ask, “Lord, how much more?”

Pitiful girls….




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