Full day

We had some sweet friends from school over today! Libs just loves Madison and they have been BEGGING to play together forever now. So, the 3 girls in their family got together with the 3 girls in our family and had lunch and played. Here’s a pic of them playing dress-up! We are excited that this family has moved very close to us…not even 3 minutes away!


Tonight after dinner, Alan had an accountability dinner to go to, so I thought I would be a sweet mommy and take the girls for a night-time swim. We headed off to the pool around 8:15 or so….had a great time, came back home around 9:15….to open the garage and find that SOMEONE had locked the door to the house from the garage! Since I had given my brother my house key, and Alan was not home, we were officially locked out…fun time was over! We had to call Alan and thankfully he was winding up his meeting and headed on home. No one will admit to the locking of the door…but after sitting outside in the cool breeze in wet swimsuits…I don’t think it will happen again any time soon. Here’s a pic of the girls buying some time till Daddy came to the rescue.

out late

What’s up with the fussy faces?! WHO locked us out? It wasn’t Mommy!

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  1. grammie said,

    July 31, 2007 at 5:57 am

    I think if Daddy wasn’t home it MUST have been Daddy that locked the door.

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