Busy weekend…

So the weekend has been eventful! Alan had the privilage of officiating the wedding of a young lady who has served in the Children’s Ministry. It was beautiful and all went well. Of course, the girls loved seeing the bride and all the beautiful dresses!

Saturday morning a few of the teachers from our school went to a book donation center. Half Price Books has a donation center where they give away books that have been cleared out of their stores. We were there 45 minutes early, and there were still dozens of people in line ahead of us…just waiting for the doors to open. We didn’t get exactly what we went for…but it was a learning experience! Next time, we know how to play the game like all the other die-hards who scavenge for books!

Alan left for camp…he took our 3rd-5th graders to Student Life Camp at Austin College. Because of the wedding, he wasn’t able to leave out with the group at noon on Saturday. So, he left right after the wedding and met them out there that night. It sounds like all is going well from what we can tell. This is the first time he has taken a group of kids to camp and the girls and I haven’t tagged along! So…we’ve made it all about girl-time around here while Daddy is gone…including a sleep-over with a good friend of ours. Nikki and Kars. spent the night, and we stayed up late doing manicures and pedicures…having way too much fun!

Well, tonight everyone but me is crashed in the living floor, ‘camping out’ while Daddy is gone. I’m thinking I’m going to head that way myself.

All the girls after we did pedicures:


Everyone in their pjs…ready for bed (at midnight – what were we thinking?!)


Ready for church…and getting there early for ‘early’ service!



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