Busy Week…

We have had a great week of having lots of friends over for fun and fellowship. It has been a long time since we’ve had the space to entertain and we have so enjoyed getting together with many this week.

We spent some time at the pool yesterday afternoon, and Ash learned a new trick…she was trying to imitate what the bigger kids were doing by jumping in the pool, yelling ‘Cannon Ball!’ and making a big splash. She got it all right until she counted…”1…2…3…COTTON BALL!” It was so funny, I couldn’t bring myself to correct her. So she continued the trick dozens of times…to our amusement.

Here is a quick pic of our house… house

Well, tomorrow is full of more fun! We have 3 sweet friends…all sisters…who are coming over, and Libs is having her little friend, Kimberly, over to play. We are hoping the weather will hold out and be pretty so we can all head to the pool.

Alan is getting a new, full-time associate who is starting on Sunday! Her name is Cindy and she is going to be a great fit for our church. We are having the Children’s Staff over Saturday night to hang out and get to know everyone’s families. It should be a great time…we’ll take some pics and get them up over the weekend.

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